Video 1:
Marching Challenge

Video 2:
Movement Challenge

The Marching Challenge

  • For your first video, record yourself marching the Blue Stars 8-6-4 exercise. A breakdown and diagram of the exercise can be found HERE.

Tempos: (Use an audible metronome that judges will be able to hear in recording)

  • Beginner Marchers
    140 BPM

  • Experienced Marchers
    152 BPM

  • Collegiate Marchers
    160 BPM


  • Use the technique you are most comfortable with! You will be judged based on how consistently you perform YOUR marching technique!

  • You can march with or without an instrument for this round.

  • If you are a battery performer, feel free to crab step the lateral moves.

The Movement Challenge

  • First your second video, record yourself performing a 28 count movement phrase created by the Blue Stars choreographer Kris Galbreath.

  • You can listen and download the audio excerpt HERE. The phrase begins with 8 clicks before you begin.

  • A video tutorial of the movement can be found HERE

  • A video of the frontview performance can be found HERE

  • A video of the rearview performance can be found HERE


  • Perform the movement phrase with an audible playing of the excerpt.

  • Make sure that your entire body is visible throughout the duration of the movement phrase.

  • All contestant classifications are expected to perform all 28 counts of the phrase.

Recording & Submission

Filming (Please use recordings above as a reference).

  • You do not have to be on a field with yard-lines but please measure each side of the box using the 8-6-4 Box Drill Diagram.

  • Please film so that your whole body is visible for the entire exercise

  • Place your camera so that the front of your body is visible

  • Make sure there is an audible metronome in the video

  • Upload your video (see submission info for how to upload)


  • You will create and upload an unlisted Youtube video for the marching challenge.

  • You will create and upload an unlisted Youtube video for the movement challenge.

  • Details about how to submit each video will be emailed to all semi-finalist contestants.

If you have any questions, please contact us at!